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Lavoro New Zealand brings you Footwear that was  founded in 1986 and that are based in the city of Guimaraes, a beautiful European heritage city associated with the founding of the country of Portugal in 1128.

The Portuguese have a rich history of global trading dating back many centuries and a long and colourful heritage for travel and trade.
Recently traders from Lavoro visited our beautiful country, to show us their craft and to experience the journey "way down under" a latitude not often reached this far South in the Pacific.
This is the result, a range of uniquely crafted premium professional footwear styles which we trust will be beneficial to you aesthetically, for comfort and for safety.

Podiatry and Biomechanics Research Lab

Lavoro have developed their own Podiatry and Biomechanics Laboratory, namely PBL. The laboratory and PBL program is supported by both national and international partners and  specializes in the study and technical application of podiatry and biomechanics as part of Lavoro’s Research & Development program.
They provide technical expertise ensuring correct design principles in the development of professional protective footwear.
Their research and subsequent contributions ensure there is a strong focus on key design principles for comfort, fit, motion control, stability, posture and shock absorption.